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The Frieze

Tom Otterness
cast plaster and paint


Randy Wray
steel, plaster, electric lights, quartz crystals, seashells, glass, epoxy clay, epoxy resin, mica, and acrylic paint

What Have We Become? Gold

Nicholas Galanin
Carved book with gold leaf

Olympia Triptych

Hung Liu
metal leaf, digital transparencies, resin, and hand-painting with lithography ink on wood

Pentimenti #122

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto
Seagrove, NC wild clay; argillaceous limestone; 24k gold leaf; 19th-century Greensboro, NC brick fragment; crystals grown on 19th-century Greensboro brick fragment; Mixtion; gesso; clay bole; animal glue; and natural resin

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 Records