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The Frieze

Tom Otterness
cast plaster and paint


Randy Wray
steel, plaster, electric lights, quartz crystals, seashells, glass, epoxy clay, epoxy resin, mica, and acrylic paint

Bruce's mirror. Portland, Maine

Nan Goldin
color coupler print mounted on Sintra board


Janine Antoni
sterling silver cast of family silverware and negative impression of artist's mouth and mother's hand

Man Spirit Mask

Willie Cole
triptych: photo etching; screenprint; photo etching with woodcut

Artforus: April 2014 Issue

Sherrill Roland
ArtForum International Magazine (April 2014), toilet paper, legal paper pad, primer paint, Kool-Aid, Sharpie marker, ink, and steel

The Family

Ademola Olugebefola
Lithograph on paper

Showing 1 to 12 of 41 Records