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Untitled (To Frank Stella)

Dan Flavin
pink and yellow fluorescent light


Nancy Grossman
leather-covered wood, epoxy, and brushes

No title

Eva Hesse
Sculp-metal, metal, cardboard and vinyl

The Body of Polydoros

Elliott Hundley
paper, wood, bamboo, string, wire, metal, ceramic, coral, shells, spray paint, oil paint, plastic, epoxy putty, cardboard, glue, rag, gold and copper leaf

Untitled (Water)

Alfredo Jaar
double-sided lightbox with two color transparencies and seven framed mirrors


Charles Long
acrylic lacquer on plastic

Freeking (with Julie Lorin)

Tony Oursler
one figure human scale with large head, cloth, VHS player and Optoma projector

Showing 13 to 24 of 36 Records