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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Ed Whitfield at the Caldcleugh Community Center   Ahearn, John   acrylic on plaster and two framed documents  1996 
Bird   Ai Weiwei   bamboo and silk  2015 
Umbilical   Antoni, Janine   sterling silver cast of family silverware and negative impression of artist's mouth and mother's hand  2000 
Cellar Door   Armajani, Siah   redwood  1981 
Untitled Prototype (Study for "V")   Bladen, Ronald   painted plywood  1973 
Yellow Sail   Calder, Alexander   painted metal and wire  1950 
Fan Club   Chin, Mel   ash wood, blood on Chinese silk, and ink on paper  1994 
Untitled   Chryssa   plastic and neon  1965 
Spin Too!   Davidson, Nancy   Fabric, latex, plastic, steel, rod iron, and cotton  1995 
Big Gal Faith (from the installation Faith & the Devil)   Dill, Lesley   Mannequin, oil paint, oil pastel, fabric, paper, wood, silver, and gold leaf  2011-2012 
Travels of William Bartram Reconsidered (postcard cupboard)   Dion, Mark   36 postcards, wood and glass cabinet with brass fixtures  2008 
Bluffs   Donovan, Tara   buttons and glue  2009 
The Flea   Flannagan, John Bernard   bluestone  1935 
Untitled (To Frank Stella)   Flavin, Dan   pink and yellow fluorescent light  1966 
Brush   Grossman, Nancy   leather-covered wood, epoxy, and brushes  1973 
No title   Hesse, Eva   Sculp-metal, metal, cardboard and vinyl  1967 
The Body of Polydoros   Hundley, Elliott   paper, wood, bamboo, string, wire, metal, ceramic, coral, shells, spray paint, oil paint, plastic, epoxy putty, cardboard, glue, rag, gold and copper leaf  2008 
Untitled (Water)   Jaar, Alfredo   double-sided lightbox with two color transparencies and seven framed mirrors  1990 
Incomplete Open Cube 7-11   LeWitt, Sol   baked enamel on aluminum  1974 
Friend   Long, Charles   acrylic lacquer on plastic  1995 
Spearthrower   Manship, Paul   bronze  1921 
Standing Female Figure (Gertrude Stein)   Nadelman, Elie   bronze  c. 1908 (cast c. 1926) 
East River Cityscape   Nevelson, Louise   painted wood  1956 
Freeking (with Julie Lorin)   Oursler, Tony   one figure human scale with large head, cloth, VHS player and Optoma projector  1994 
Dead Amanita No. 2   Paine, Roxy   polymer, oil, lacquer, wood, and glass  2002 
Showing 1 to 25 of 36 Records